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7 Best Influencer Sites – Making money as an influencer

7 Best Influencer Sites – Making money as an influencer

I get asked a lot about working as influencer/blogger and how I make an income being an instagrammer. I started working as an influencer on Vine, Instagram, and Snapchat in early 2013 and from there I’ve grown my audience and have moved to blogging and YouTube.

There’s a lot of controversy over influencer marketing and some bloggers are against the “paid” campaigns saying it’s tricking the audience and not real. This part I understand, you have a lot of influence on others being a blogger. My advice to this part of the industry is to try and market brands and products that fit your sites. I also recommend only promoting things you’re passionate about. 

Below are my 7 favorite sites to use for influencer marketing. I will highlight the pros and cons of each site! 

1. Famebit

Famebit is probably the top influencer site for brands and influencers to use. This site is the pioneer of influencer marketing. Google/YouTube bought Famebit back in 2016!

Pros: The biggest site, it has the most campaigns for influencers to apply to and the biggest pool of influencers for brands to look through. You can search for very specific demographics for influencers that match your audience. It also has a collaboration part where influencers can meet up with others and collaborate with each other, this is my favorite part of the site! 

Cons: As an influencer it can take more time to submit through this site if you’re applying to hundreds. But overall it’s the best site to use. They don’t have promotions for blogs on their platform… Yet.

Platforms: Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr

Campaign Pay: campaigns must be minimum pay of $50 on YouTube and $25 on the rest.

Percent: For each campaign, Famebit takes out 10%. Meaning if you’re paid $100, Famebit takes $10.

2. Collectively

This is an agency where they connect brands and influencers for you. There’s no platform, they match the brands with influencers when a campaign comes up. As an influencer it’s nice because you don’t have to submit to brands. Collectively also works with top brands where the pay is much higher than on other platforms.

Pros: You don’t have to apply and worry about submitting. The pay is the best from this agency compared to the other platforms. The brands are huge well known ones which probably makes the pay so good. 

Cons: They work with tops brands and the top influencers so if you’re a small or medium size influencer, you will not be getting much work from them. There’s a lot more that goes into the campaigns so be prepared for a lot of back and forth and edits on each campaign.

Platforms: Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Twitch, Snapchat, Blog

3. Grapevine Logic

Grapvine is similar to Famebit. You have brands listed and influencer can to submit to what they are interested in. This is probably the second biggest site for brands/influencers right behind Famebit. What I love about Grapevine compared to Famebit is they have an easy to use calendar so you an visually see your campaigns and projects. Grapvine is the best for YouTubers, if you’re a YouTuber you’ll have plenty of campaigns on this site!

Pros: Easy to submit, the submission part is fairly fast! The easy to use calendar that helps you stay organized. For brands the demographics for each influencer is detailed and good on this platform, I say good because there’s no way to get demographics for Instagram and Grapevine doesn’t separate the stats for each platform, hopefully they improve this part! For brands an influencer must complete their campaigns on the deadline, if not the site will not let the influencer apply to any new ones. This is great for brands to make sure their promotions are all on time!

Cons: For influencers, if you have a campaign that’s late the site will not let you apply to any new campaigns until you’ve finished and completed the deadlines. This can be annoying at times, but the positive side is it keeps you on a deadline. Grapvine has a matching place for influencer to match and collaborate, I haven’t used it yet, it isn’t as good as the Famebit collaboration site.

Platforms: Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook

Percent: For each campaing, Grapvine takes out 10%. Meaning if you’re paid $100, Grapvine takes $10.

4. Revfluence

This site is similar to Grapvine and Famebit but much much smaller. There’s not as many campaigns and half of them are trading for product. Meaning the influencer/blogger doesn’t get paid and trades for product instead. This is great for influencer who are starting out and might not have a big enough following for paid promotions so can trade for product instead. This is also good for brands who are just beginning influencer marketing and who might not have a big budget. I also love this site because it’s the only one where influencer can review brands and vice versa. You can see each others past campaigns and ratings!

Pros: Super easy to submit, I love this site because it’s fast to apply! Great for influencer who are starting out and can trade for product. The best site for brands who are new or don’t have a big budget to use. Brands have fairly good stats on influencer here. Again, I say good because there isn’t a platform yet that knows how to get the demographics from Instagram.

Cons: Can be annoying to influencer who are bigger and only want to do paid promotions, you’ll have to skip the trade for product ones. Smaller site than Famebit and Grapvine but still a good size!

Platforms: Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Twitch, Snapchat, Blog

Percent: For each campaign, Revfluence takes out 10%. Meaning if you’re paid $100, Revfluence takes $10.

5. Obviously Social

This site is great for influencer of all different sizes. They only notify you and you can only apply to campaigns when they match you. This is a great site for brands because Obviously will find the influencers for you and create the campaign. For influencers it’s a great because you don’t have to worry about applying to campaigns and only have to submit when a brand is interested in you. Obviously has some huge brands they work such as Sephora and Google. Obviously likes working with influencers that constantly collaborate with them (smart for them, they want to keep the influencers on their site)….they have “corgi awards” for influencers, meaning the more you collect the more rewards they give you. If you work with them enough they will pay for marketing campaigns to help you grow. Their company really wants to grow with you, meaning they want to work together!

Obviously cares less about how big an influencer is and cares more about how often you work with THEIR company and not others. So this is great if you’re a smaller or medium size influencer. Work and collect more corgis and the more work you’ll get!

Pros: The more you work with them the more work they get you. Brands can submit product only campaigns and obviously will help you set this up so you’re not stuck trying to figure this industry out.

Cons: It can be frustrating for bigger influencers who want more work but are working with other agencies/platforms. There’s not a ton of campaigns on their site and it comes and goes.

Platforms: Instagram and Twitter mostly but have YouTube, Pinterest, Snapchat, and blogs

6. Brandsnob

Brandsnob is a great place for Fashion influencers! It’s mostly a place to trade for product. Some campaigns pay but it’s much lower than other platforms. It’s all on an app which can be a little annoying and I hope they have a desktop version for it soon. This is great for medium sized influencer who want to trade, if you’re looking for pay this isn’t a great platform do that.

Pros: Easy to use and great to trade for product from fashion companies. Fairly good size app but not as big as Famebit and Grapevine.

Cons: Low or little pay. It’s not a huge app so it can be competitive to land a gig. There seems to be more influencers than brands using the app.

7. Hypemarket

When I first started I loved using Hypemarket! Hypemarket was a bigger site but Grapevine, Famebit, and Revfluence seem to be taking over. This used to be a great site to get paid campaigns but now it’s moved more towards the trade for product type of campaigns. I would say this is a great site for influencer and brands to start on. It’s an easy place for brands to create campaigns. 

Pros: Great place for influencer and brands to start with. Free to post campaigns. Great place for influencers to trade for product, especially if you’re in to fashion!

Cons: Little or no pay. Mostly trade for product. The brands are small and not well knows which is probably why the pay is low. Not a ton of campaigns on the site.

Platforms to stay away from

Social Native: I don’t like calling out companies but this is the worst influencer platform. The pay is extremely low and they like to be “overly picky” with the content so they can get away not paying their influencers. This is the only time I’ve ever not been paid for a campaign. I would defiantly recommend staying away from this site, there’s so many out there and ones that are more trustworthy and professional!

Other site to try

Below are sites I have used a few times but still learning about them! It’s always good to sign up and see which ones work best for you! Here are some other apps and websites I recommend you try!

Tomoson, Maker Studios, TRIBE, Rep, and Collabor8,

Hope you enjoyed this article, comment below your thoughts and any other platforms I missed here! 🙂



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  17. August 6, 2020 / 5:55 pm

    Have you ever checked out ? It’s a website creator for influencers with a digital office included. Pretty cool, I think.

    • Florian
      August 19, 2020 / 4:55 pm

      Thanks Ryan for the hint. I checked it out and it’s super easy to set up. It helps me a lot to have all my links in one place and a far better design than others!

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