Benefits of Heat and Cool Therapy

Benefits of Heat and Cool Therapy

This year I’ve been finding more ways to get healthier in natural ways and limiting the amount of prescribed antibiotics and medications. The more I learn how powerful our bodies are the more intrigued I am to find healthier ways to heal. I’m excited to share with you Body Comfort and the benefits on heat and cool therapy. Both are similar but have different ways of healing us. 

Thanks to Body Comfort their packs can be either heat therapy (click activated) or refrigerated and used cold so you’re able to use both. My favorite is their purple lavender set. It has aromatherapy. I’ve been obsessed with coming home from work and using the purple lavender set heated and relaxing on the couch.

Heat therapy has been around for ages. The Chinese and Japanese actually use hot springs for pain. Many people are turning to alternative ways to heal so they don’t have to take medication. A great alternative to help inflammation, injuries, and stress is heat therapy. Heat therapy also boosts circulation allowing nutrients and oxygen to travel to joints / muscles.  

Heat Therapy Benefits: 

-muscle spasms 

-joint pain 

-stiffness in your back 

-increase blood flow throughout the body 

-help injuries  

-relaxation / stress 

Cool therapy is great after a good workout. I typically like to use cool packs to help with muscle recovery and any injuries. If I ever have pain anywhere, cool compresses are usually the first thing I use to help treat it.  

Cool Therapy Benefits:  

-decreases pain 

-helps reduce swelling 


-helps injuries 

-muscle spasm / cramping 

-stops bleeding / reduced blood flow  

Combine all of these benefits with aromatherapy! My favorite is the purple lavender scented packs.  You can find it here.

Here are some amazing benefits from aromatherapy. 

-manage pain 

-helps sleep quality  

-reduces stress and anxiety  

-soothe sore joints 

-treats headaches/migraines 

-fights bacteria, virus, or fungus 

-improves digestion 

-boosts immune system  

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