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Costa Rica Guide: Cheapest way to travel

Costa Rica Guide: Cheapest way to travel

Costa Rica

I finally crossed off Costa Rica off my bucket-list and it was more magical than I imagined! I decided to spend a week here while I hopped around to three different cities. The week was filled of tropical rainforests, swimming in the ocean, awing at adorable sloths, and enjoying Costa Rican food. My favorite part about Costa Rica are the adventurous activities they have here: zip lining, surfing, canoeing through the rainforest, sloth sanctuaries, biking around the city, hiking to waterfalls, volcanoes, and more. I landed in San José, took off to Puerto Viejo, then to Jaco, and back to San José when I departed. I stated at Selina Hostel, this place is the best find.

They have everything you need at the hostel and the places are insanely cheap. I recommend this anyone wanting to travel for the best price! The also have shuttles they take you to all the places. If you want to experience everything the cheapest way, I recommend staying in San José and doing all their activities, they drive you to all the activities so you wouldn’t be in San José much. The hostels also have co-working space, a lot of people work remote so they have offices with free wifi! another benefit is they have workout classes, from yoga, to circus, to meditation, theres a variety of fitness classes. 

Puerto Viejo

My favorite place I visited was Puerto Viejo. I stayed at a hostel that’s called Selina. Since I was traveling solo a hostel seemed like the best place to meet fellow travelers and do explore with others. This hostel is one I really recommend! They have them all over Costa Rica with everything you need at them. They also have a wide variety of yours. My favorite part was the good food, bar, and game nights at the hostels. They have shared rooms and also private rooms. I got the private suite room which was gorgeous and very well priced. Here you can snorkel, raft, nighttime jungle exploring, kayak through the rainforest, horseback along the ocean, sloth sanctuary, and many more activities. My favorite was the canopy tour where we did 9 aerial platforms over the jungle! They also have adorable teepees you can sleep in, a pretty cool experience when you’re in the middle of the jungle. 

View the activities at this location here 

Hostel Price: around $10 – $175 a night, depending on type of room. 


The second place I visited was Jaco! This is the best surfing in costa rica! The Selina hostel is right along the ocean, I wasn’t expecting it to be this close to it but it’s literally on the ocean! This was my second favorite place, if you’re a surf lover, you will LOVE this place!  Some of the tours here are: surf lessons, crocodile tour, canopy tour, Waterfall tour, ATV tour, paragliding over the city, Arenal Volcano and hot springs, sailing tour, and more. The Selina Hostel has shared and private rooms. They also have a restaurant and bar right on the ocean! The coolest place to stay were the circle huts that had a bed. A very unique hostel experience. This place is truly paradise! 

View the activities at this location here

Hostel Price: around $10 – $175 a night, depending on type of room. 


San José

My last stop was San José, I spent a few days at Selina hostel before I departed from my trip. San José is much different than the other two places but it was still a cool city to experience. I only stayed here for an extra day, but spent it walking around the area and taking in the Costa Rican culture. I also met some super friendly people here from around the world. It’s a very social hostel and you can make friends easily. Some of the tours here include: Arenal Volcano and Tabacon Hot Springs Resort, Tortuga Island Cruise & Beach Day Tour, drinking tour, Irazu Volcano Half Day Tour, Tortuguero National Park, canopy tour, rafting, coffee tour, San José city tour, and many more. 

View the activities at this location here

Hostel Price: around $10 – $175 a night, depending on type of room. 



  1. Kayla Lin
    February 21, 2020 / 4:25 am

    wow I need to visit this hostel when I go to CR. thanks for the info

  2. Tina
    July 22, 2021 / 9:38 pm

    can you do one for Bahamas?

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